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Program: Monkeypox Information

Agency: Orange County Health Care Agency - Public Health Services - Communicable Disease Control Division

Resource Number: 80314850
Provides information and resources about the following:
  • Explains what the monkeypox disease is and how it is spread
  • Symptoms
  • Vaccine information, eligibility, supply, and availability
  • Information for healthcare providers
  • Testing information
  • Treatment information
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Monkeypox webpage
  • California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Monkeypox webpage
  • Latest updates and more
Note: Public Health recommends individuals to speak with their primary care provider if they are concerned they have monkeypox. Most providers can now do testing for monkeypox through commercial laboratories. If the individual does not have a regular provider, please call the Health Referral Line for assistance.

Monkeypox Vaccines
Due to a very limited vaccine supply, the monkeypox vaccine (Jynneos) will only be available to high-risk groups. Please visit the website to view the vaccine availability and eligibility by group. 

Individuals who have been exposed to Monkeypox and are seeking vaccination, can sign up through www.Othena.com and be added to the virtual queue to be vaccinated as doses are available. Please also check with primary care provider to check availability. 

Second Doses for Group B
Individuals will be contacted through email via Othena to schedule second dose vaccine appointments at clinics supplying second dose vaccine, as close to the due date for second doses as possible. This will be based on vaccine supply availability. Individuals must wait to receive notification through Othena, and may receive a notification to schedule for a second dose with short notice due to short supply chain timelines.

Program Phones:
800-564-8448Business Line
Health Referral Line

Website: www.ochealthinfo.com/monkeypox#Generalpublic

Location information
Sites offering this program
+ N/A: Website and Phone Service Only ->
N/A: Website and Phone Service Only  
Location: N/A: Website and Phone Service Only
Program Hours:
Health Referral Line Hours: 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday
Disabilities Access: Service area is not accessible, Online and phone service only

Program Delivery
Eligibility: - All ages
Languages: Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, English
Application Process: Website, Telephone Service
Payment methods: No fee
Documents Required: None required
Service Area:
Defined coverage area:
CA-Orange County

Categorized as:
Health Crisis Information Lines * Mpox

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