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Program: California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs)


Resource Number: 3898178
Alternate name: WELFARE, TANF, cash aid

Spanish name: Oportunidad de Trabajo y Responsibilidad Hacia los Ninos

Provides temporary cash assistance for low-income families with children. Also offers employment services and support services to help recipients become self-sufficient. Recipients are automatically eligible for Medi-Cal and may qualify for CalFresh benefits.

Program Phones:
Main Number

Website: www.vchsa.org

Location information
America's Job Center- Simi Valley  
Location: 2900 North Madera Road, Suite 100
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Program Hours:
All offices and the phone line: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
Disabilities Access: Fully accessible to individuals using mobility aids
Mailing Address: 2900 North Madera Road, Suite 100, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Program Delivery
Eligibility: Must be a low-income Ventura County resident who is either pregnant and/or has a dependent child/children (age 18 or under). Applicants must meet income eligibility, assets, and other resources.

Monthly Income limit per household size:

1 $741

2 $1,216

3 $1,507

4 $1,788

5 $2,040

6 $2,295

7 $2,522

8 $2,744

9 $2,978

10 $3,232

Each extra person $29

The property limit (for example cash, bank accounts, vehicles, homes- although the home you live in is not included) is $10,000 per family or $15,000 per family if a member is over 60 or has disabilities.
Languages: Interpreter services available., Spanish, English
Application Process: Apply online, call or visit.
Program Fees: No fee
Documents Required: -Fingerprints and a photo taken for all adults -Immunization record for all children -Proof of residency -Social Security Number of all family members -Household income, cash, bank accounts, vehicles, home value total
Defined coverage area:
CA-Ventura County

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